What feeds my soul each day

“Matt is just one of those people who comes into your life like a lighthouse and immediately makes an impact. He’s warm, open, kind, caring, funny, intuitive,, intelligent and “sees ALL of you” with full acceptance and grace. I met Matt without knowing that I would ever experience his coaching and guidance. When we decided to do 1:1 coaching together, I was/am in the middle of a “mid-life renaissance” on many levels, and our first session was quite literally life altering. I had “known” certain truths for a long time, but I was hiding from them. When we had our session together he simply supported me in finding my own truths, and then, asked me some deep questions that forced me to stop hiding. I hung up thinking…WOW, “I guess you really have to do this Mandy.” The “this” I’m now doing full-time is self-care and using the healing modality of art/painting to transform people’s lives and businesses. It’s truly thanks to Matt’s brilliance! He gently lead me into owning who I really am, how I want to show up in the world, what feeds my soul each day so that I can then nourish others. His impact on my life is beyond words, and the ripple effect out from him through me and beyond…because I’m now fully present, is immeasurable. In deepest gratitude Matt.”