Kick Start Productivity, Employee Happiness and Financial Gain

How Adopting a “Culture of Corporate Gratitude” Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Picture this: a corporate environment with dedicated employees who enjoy their work and who are dedicated to the team effort required to drive your company to exponential growth.

Imagine “business as usual” means team members who support each other, feel appreciated and go the extra mile.

It’s a corporate environment where people are encouraged to accomplish their departmental goals while simultaneously sustaining their spirits through genuine relationships and job satisfaction.

Wow! Sound too good to be true? Maybe. But it’s not a pipe dream.

Corporate Gratitude: Don’t Operate Without It

Companies that embrace gratitude in the workplace enjoy a harmonious, productive corporate culture wherein everyone benefits. Indeed, fostering gratitude in the workplace has been shown in multiple studies worldwide to drive unprecedented financial company growth.

In fact, in a recent study reported in an article published on the Society for Professional Resource Management (SHRM) website, employees at a major company were asked what they wanted from management for a job well done. In creating the survey, many managers at the company insisted the only answer would be “money.” However, the real answer came as a huge surprise.

One third of employees polled said they wanted to feel appreciated.

Many said gratitude for dedication and quality work makes all the difference in attitude and productivity.

This is research from one of countless studies conducted in companies all around the world. Results all point to one thing: showing gratitude toward your employees can have a direct impact on building company value and, yes, increasing revenue.

Don’t Believe It? What Google & Campbells Knows that You May Not

Gratitude and appreciation begins at the top, a fact successful CEOs in the world’s largest corporations know too well.

Douglas Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup wrote 30,000 thank you notes to employees during his tenure at the Fortune 500 company. Why? He knew that appreciation goes a very long way to creating a working environment where employees want to be productive.

“Have you ever noticed how a pat on the back makes you feel great for days? If the praise comes in handwritten or email form, maybe you frame the note and put it on your wall so it can lift you up on a tough day or help you feel more engaged at work,” Conant wrote in an article published in the Harvard Business Journal. “Engaged employees are much more productive.”

Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations Laszlo Bock said treating people in the workplace with gratitude is “way more powerful than just saying ‘thanks.’”

In a recent article posted on his LinkedIn page, Bock shared that expressing gratitude not only makes you happier but also may help you live longer.

Bock added, in the workplace, encouraging gratitude from both the top down and within the ranks, may be “the secret weapon…to warding off the malaise that can come with routine.”

Productivity = A Better Bottom Line

There are few things that can permeate all aspects of your business for the better. Implementing and encouraging an attitude of Corporate Gratitude is absolutely one of them.

Are you looking to:

  • drive employee productivity and engagement?
  • increase employee retention?
  • improve effective communication?
  • implement successful strategies?
  • increase successful decision-making?
  • increase employees’ commitment to company goals?
  • boost cooperative relationships with co-workers and supervisors?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you owe it to yourself, your company, employees and the bottom line to learn more about Matt O’Grady and his winning strategy for bringing corporate gratitude to your workplace.

Learn More about Matt O’Grady Coaching & Corporate Gratitude:

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